Privacy/Terms of Use

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
The teensBOOKingit website is a safe place for children and teens 8-17 to interact with each other and learn new things. Teens who use this website will refrain from engaging in inappropriate behaviour and treat your fellow users with respect. 
When using the teensBOOKingit website, teens agree:

  • Not to use your personal information; we ask you not use your real name, e-mail address, or any other identifiable personal information in your posts or your username. NOTE: The only time you will enter personal information is to enter the online contests or when submitting stories or artwork. In these cases, your personal information will be used ONLY to contact prize winners or to verify stories and artwork are original. Personal information will not be posted on the website.
  • You are between 8 and 17 years old. 
  • To refrain from using racist, homophobic, sexist or other explicit language; and to treat other users with respect.
  • To report any inappropriate behaviour. Teens will notify teensBOOKingit monitors of any posts that: are illegal; use explicit language; that are threatening to personal safety; or are from unauthorized adult users.
  • That submissions of artwork and stories are your original works and that the teen who submits art or a story is the author or creator of that work. By submitting your work, you confirm that you have not copied, plagiarized or breached the copyright of another person’s work.

Privacy and Safety
The Marigold Library System and its member libraries are very excited to host teensBOOKingit and the Teen Summer Library Experience. This website is meant to provide teens with a safe environment to discuss books, teen library events and related events, post movie or book reviews, reviews of other library materials, to share stories written by fellow users and to display artwork; however, it is not meant to be a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. The following information is not allowed to be used on the website and will be removed by site monitors:

  • Phone numbers
  • Street or mailing addresses
  • Age
  • School name
  • Email or Messenger information
  • Real name
  • Birthday
  • Links to personal blogs or websites
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat account information
  • Or any other means, methods or information that could classed as indefinable personal information

TeensBOOKingit monitors will try to remove any kind of inappropriate or personal information that may put teens at risk of being identified by their peers. However, teens who post links to other websites or teens that access those links are doing so at their own risk. The Marigold Library System, Marigold member libraries, and the website monitors will/are not be responsible for the safety or privacy of anyone who posts or uses external links.
TeensBOOKingit monitors and library staff agree:

  • To not use contact information other than for teensBOOKingit communication
  • To treat teens, library staff and volunteers and teensBOOKingit monitors with respect
  • To report any inappropriate behaviour. To notify site monitors of any posts that: are illegal; use explicit language; that are threatening to personal safety; or are from unauthorized adult users.
  • That information/personal information will not be sold, shared or distributed. TeensBOOKingit will only share information for contest winners with managers at Marigold member libraries for the sole purpose of contacting local prize winners.

All information that the teensBOOKingit monitors receive will be treated using the Freedom of Information Protection Act (FOIP). All book reviews, stories, or artwork will be reviewed by teensBOOKingit monitors before posting it onto the website. The teensBOOKingit Blog and blog postings will be closely monitored by teensBOOKingit site operators.

Copyright guidelines
: Any creative work you submit must be your own original work. By submitting your work you are confirming that you are the author or artist, and that you have not copied or borrowed anyone else's work. Marigold Library System has print and electronic rights to all submitted work, and the right to use excerpts from the work for promotional purposes. You retain the rights to publish your own work. Please keep in mind that your work will be displayed in a public library forum on Marigold's website and/or in print at your public library) and that your content should be appropriate for viewing by all ages. Not all work submitted will be published; Marigold reserves the right to choose which submissions will be published. If you have questions about our privacy policy please contact Marigold Library System Bibliographic Services Manager, Jessie Bach, at, or by calling Jessie at Marigold Library System headquarters in Strathmore: 403-934-5334. For questions about teensBOOKngit in general, please email the teen program coordinator at or call the teen program coordinator at 403-934-5334.